Case Study

In 2008, an idea tossed out amongst friends created a do-or-die situation for the zata|3 founders. With 14-months from handshake to election day, they needed to formalize their partnership, choose a name, conceive a brand, announce and build their presence, maintain attention, and deliver services to market known for contractor loyalty and alliances. Spoiler alert: zâta|3 went on to become one of the most successful, award-winning direct voter contact firms in America before disbanding in 2012.


Planning sessions quickly revealed their determination, energy, grit, and a self-deprecating humor and we were off … every aspect of the look, feel, and tone was integrated across print, direct mail, merch, advertising, and a drum-beat hand-written and courier delivered one-on-one outreach. Big graphics, short copy, and swearing off of trite red, white, and blue were keys to success. The audience received unexpected “perks” like the pocket phone reference cards that more than fulfilled the intent of reminding them zata|3 was available at all times.