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[Under construc­tion] MyOwnMed is shaping the future of health­care with tech­nology allowing real-world data from patients, providers, and clin­ical trials to be banked and shared in real-time.

DesignFish conducted a full busi­ness and commu­ni­ca­tions audit, reviewing more than 7500 pages of plans, docu­ments, pitch papers, memo­randum, videos, news arti­cles, compet­i­tive analysis, info and art images and graphics, and plans for UIX graphics for a client portal and customer app. Working with MyOwnMed lead­er­ship, their core values were defined and the mission and vision honed. Armed with a clarity of message and asso­ciate buy-in there was a new energy and industry buzz.

In lock­step with the commu­ni­ca­tions process, a cross-platform brand struc­ture was devel­oped, for inter­face program­ming, print mate­rials, event/conference mate­rials,  social media and more. Typefaces, colors; +100 icons, buttons, and badges; photog­raphy; and info­graphics for use in PowerPoint® pitch decks, a website, print collat­eral, confer­ence & event graphics, and the client portal and customer were all consid­ered and provided.


MyOwnMed continues to offer emerging health­care data tech­nology prod­ucts and services to clients around the globe.