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Easier Living, the B2C face of B2B healthcare industry product giant, AliMedprovides easy, online access to thousands of products that extend independent living options — primarily targeting the baby boomer generation and their caretakers.


The natural solution to this brand structure was building on already successful limited-mobility product design models. Easy to understand, intuitive to use, with minimal moving parts.


Words such as holistic, independent, mobility, ease, functioning, and simplify are the foundation of the brand whose assets include Neutra, a typeface referencing mid-century modernism, and a color palette indicative of the groovy 60s – 70s.


Debbie’s ability to problem solve and meet deadlines without sacrificing design elegance made her both a trusted member of the team and a pleasure to work with. Her unique blend of creativity and efficiency have set the bar high in my dealings with other artists and designers. I often find myself in search of a creative team member with her skill set. 
Eileen Michaels, Digital, eCommerce, and Multi-channel Marketing Professional