I tell big stories with heart that touch people on a personal level. Let’s tell your story and motivate your audience. Let’s build your brand.

Debbie Ferrari is a Creative Director and Brand Strategist with 25 years of experience whose career has taken her from Austin to Washington, DC to Los Angeles. Debbie’s expertise is collecting, sifting, analyzing and compiling data; Her specialty is creating order from chaos and building brands with a voice that commands attention and speaks to individuals. She has spent her career inspiring change.


Debbie has worked with powerhouse duos like Johnson & Johnson and Surgeon General, C. Everett Koop for Safe Kids Worldwide, Edward James Olmos for EPA EnergyStar, Gloria Steinem and Pearl Jam for Voters for Choice, former President Bill Clinton and Honda Motor Company for The Matsui Foundation, Marcia Ball for People’s Community Center, Austin telling stories that engage audiences and drives change.


Her work is recognized across design, advertising, PR, political consulting, and broadcast television industries winning awards for companies such as The Learning and Discovery Channels, Johnson & Johnson, Porter Novelli, and many others.



Debbie grew up in Houston, earned her BFA from The University of Texas at Austin, and lives in Los Angeles. She created and illustrates SpoodlesDoodles: Tails of a Two Dog Night (The Adventures of Two Media-Savvy Poodles and their Human), documenting the daily antics of her two standard poodles on Instagram, Facebook,  Pinterest, Twitter,  Tumblr, and ETSY.