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Brands for People Changing the World. Creativity That Drives Action. See Change.
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My passion is working with people
who are passionate about creating change.

I create beau­tiful, effec­tive brands that engage audi­ences, create action, and expand user expe­ri­ence. If you have helped a child put on a bike helmet, buckled your seat­belt, or watched Shark Week, you’ve felt the impact of campaigns I played a role in.


My expe­ri­ence working in cable tele­vi­sion and for adver­tising, media, and PR agen­cies special­izing in issue marketing has given me a clear under­standing of what makes campaigns succeed. I work with deci­sion makers to define their orga­ni­za­tional goals and collab­o­rate with the project team to ensure their voices are heard and they are given the tools that allow them to cham­pion their brand.

Debbie Ferrari, BrandScaper
Debbie Ferrari, BrandScaper
SpoodlesDoodles, Under Foot Since 2006
SpoodlesDoodles, Under Foot Since 2006
DesignFish. See Change.
DesignFish. See Change.


Successful orga­ni­za­tions commu­ni­cate a distinct brand voice and regard­less of size, the process to estab­lish it is the same. I help clients assess and clarify core values and their mission, and pave the way for the discovery of their singular brand essence. I deliver a clear brand voice with flex­ible, embrace­able archi­tec­ture and assets to support and grow the orga­ni­za­tion.


Consulting: Project manage­ment and team lead­er­ship for orga­ni­za­tion branding and branded outreach campaigns, special projects, and events.

Positioning: Communication audits and compet­i­tive analysis.Session facil­i­tator with lead­er­ship to estab­lish a clear under­standing of their brand goals. Review and devel­op­ment of core values, mission, vision, and message. Parent/child orga­ni­za­tion struc­ture.

Identity: Research + devel­op­ment for name, tagline, URL, social media outlets, logo­type, asset library, and stan­dards manual. Educated but non-binding US Patent and Trademark Office ( copy­right research reports.

Design: Campaign, event, and special project campaigns. Print. Digital. Environmental Graphics. Packaging + promo­tional items. Writing + editing for custom branded issue outreach mate­rials.



Healthcare + Safety

Emerging Healthcare Technology

Environmental sustain­ability

Underserved & Minority Populations



People & Companies Doing Good

Philanthropy & Fundraising

Initiatives, Campaigns, & Events