My passion is working with people
who are passionate about creating change.

I build beautiful, effective brands that engage audiences, create action, and expand user experience. If you have helped a child put on a bike helmet, buckled your seatbelt, or watched Shark Week, you’ve felt the impact of campaigns I have played a role in.


My experience working in educational television and for agencies specializing in issue marketing has given me a clear understanding of how to create successful brand campaigns that work across traditional and emerging media. I work with decision makers to define goals; collaborate with project teams to craft messages and build flexible, wide-scope identity platforms; and deliver embraceable brand assets to support and grow organizations. I build brands that create change.


What’s important to me? Kick-a$$, award-winning, bold creative; and … 

• Going the extra mile and delighting the customer.
• Keeping open communication with in-house and client teams to meet project parameters while staying realistic.
• Being in-tune with excellent creative-vision while staying aligned with managerial responsibilities.
• Knowing when to be hands-on and when to let my team take the lead.
• Keeping things fun while being productive.


My experience may seem oddly varied but it’s always about finding innovative and fun ways to help do good.

DesignFish. See Change.
DesignFish. See Change.


Successful organizations communicate a distinct brand voice and regardless of size, the process to establish it is the same. I help clients assess and clarify core values and their mission, and pave the way for the discovery of their singular brand essence. I deliver a clear brand voice with flexible, embraceable architecture and assets to support and grow the organization.


Consulting: Project management and team leadership for organization branding and branded outreach campaigns, special projects, and events.

Positioning: Communication audits and competitive analysis.Session facilitator with leadership to establish a clear understanding of their brand goals. Review and development of core values, mission, vision, and message. Parent/child organization structure.

Identity: Research + development for name, tagline, URL, social media outlets, logotype, asset library, and standards manual. Educated but non-binding US Patent and Trademark Office ( copyright research reports.

Design: Campaign, event, and special project campaigns. Print. Digital. Environmental Graphics. Packaging + promotional items. Writing + editing for custom branded issue outreach materials.



Healthcare + Safety

Emerging Healthcare Technology

Environmental sustainability

Underserved & Minority Populations


Initiatives, Campaigns, & Events

People & Companies Doing Good

Entertainment Education

Cable Television (DiscoveryComm | NatGeo Experience)

Celebrity Endorsement Campaigns

Philanthropy & Fundraising